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I don’t know why but at the start of every summer, the song “Summer Time and the Living is Easy,” starts playing in my head. Ella Fitzgerald sings my favorite version of this song. Oh and Sublime does a great remix.


Summer always makes me feel at ease and a little wild. Rules go out the door. Well, some of the rules. And the worries of homework, bedtimes, and school activities vanish into non-existent. I see the same feelings come over my son’s face when he charges into the home after the last day of school. In hopes of playing endless video games and drinking Shirley Temples every day. 


Our summer includes beach days, traveling and summer concerts on the beach. And these summer plans will include magical and wild moments of courage, quiet and discovery. Watching my son and his friends run into the choppy, unpredictable waves of the Pacific can be a little unsettling to my nerves. But I see their faces full of no fear and laughter and I just want to capture the moment. I want to keep that moment to remind myself of who I was at his age. No fear. And for my son to look at one day in his life to remind him that he had no fear. Watching my son float in the ocean in Kauai seems to bring such peace and quiet to his mind. Its though nothing else exists. I want to capture that moment and show him the peace and try to get him to go back to that moment when he is stressed. Watching my son bopping his head when he discovers a  new song and tries to recognize the notes makes my heart full of pride and amazement of his talents.  I want to capture those moments to keep so my heart won’t burst when he starts his journey into the world without me.


Whether you have a toddler, a tween or a graduating senior, capture those magical, wild summer moments. Get close to their faces and notice those long lashes and sun-kissed freckles. Give them some space and let them discovery some independence and solitude. Let them go to the front of the stage and watch as the summer wildness comes dancing out them.  

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Christmas Card Showdown Christmas Card Showdown

It’s Christmas time: The time for the magic of Santa. The giving of gifts. The acts of charity and love to all. And it’s the time of the Christmas Card Showdown!

The Christmas Card Showdown is the unspoken competition of who has the best Christmas Card. Who is the most creative? Who has the best composition? Who has the best family photo? Remember the Jones’s card last year with their 50s theme and the pipe smoking dad? Who has time to set up such an elaborate set? And what about the Patrick’s card with the pretty circle of lights in the background of their family photo? What is that? Well that is Bokeh.

What is bokeh?

The definition from Wikipedia states Bokeh, in photography, is the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of an image produced by a lens. The term comes from the Japanese word boke which means blur or haze.
My definition, those pretty light shapes coming off a light source in a blurred background. 

How do I get Bokeh?

Achieving Bokeh will depend on your lens and your aperture setting. You’ll also need a light source: example - Christmas Tree / Christmas Lights

Aperture Setting: To obtain those pretty light shapes in the background of your photo, you need to use your widest aperture (lowest number) possible and have your focal point on your subject. Adjust your aperture according to how much you want your subject in focus. But remember the wider the better. 

Lens: The lens and how many blades it has will most likely determine the shape of your Bokeh. A 50 mm lens will have 5 blades and may make your Bokeh look more octagon. A 85 mm will have 7 - 9 blades and may give you a more rounded, circle Bokeh.

Light Source: Your subject should be place in front of your light source (Christmas Tree / Christmas Lights). But get creative and play with the position of your light source. 

Now that you are armed with a little more arsenal than before, you can jump into the corral with your shooting lens. And have fun with the Christmas Card Showdown. 

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